Distance Sales Agreement


1.1. BUYER
Name/Surname/Title :
Address :
Phone :
Email address :

Title : Ropeland
Address : Halkalı Asfaltı No:193 Sefaköy/İstanbul-TURKIYE
Phone : 0543 330 36 24
Email address : info@ropeland.net</ p>


Law on Protection of Consumers No. 6502 regarding the purchase/sale and delivery of the product(s) whose qualities and sales price are specified below, which the Buyer has ordered electronically from the Seller's internet site named ropeland.net (hereinafter referred to as the SITE) The subject of this agreement is to determine the mutual rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Distance Contracts published in the Official Gazette No. 27866 on 06.03.2011 and all other legal regulations and practices.

3.1 The type, type, quantity, model, color, sales price, delivery information of the product(s) are as follows. Namely;
Payment Method and Plan :

Product information:....

Product sales price:....

Delivered Person :....
Delivered Address :.....
Invoice Address :....
Shipping Fee :....

Delivery of the Product/Products will be made to the above-mentioned address of the BUYER via the cargo company. Even if the BUYER is not present at the time of delivery, the SELLER will be deemed to have fulfilled its obligation fully and completely. For this reason, the BUYER shall bear all the costs incurred due to the late receipt of the product by the BUYER and the delay of the product in the cargo company and/or the return of the cargo to the SELLER.

Shipping Fee: For purchases up to 0-1000.00 ( one thousand ) Turkish lira, the shipping fee is charged at a minimum of 20 TL for each product, changing to the maximum product weight.

3.2- Payment Method: Payment in installments by Credit Card

The BUYER shall confirm the relevant interest rates and information on default interest separately from the bank, since the credit cards of the Bank are only used for deferred sales, and that, pursuant to the provisions of the legislation in force, the provisions regarding interest and default interest are within the scope of the credit card agreement between the Bank and the BUYER.  
The relevant provisions of the contract signed between the BUYER and the cardholder bank are valid for the installment transactions. The credit card payment date is determined by the contract between the bank and the BUYER. The BUYER can also track the number of installments and payments from the bank statement sent by the bank.
Credit card additional service fees are specified in the invoice sent to the customer. 

4.1. The BUYER declares that he has read and learned the basic features, sales price, payment method, delivery and other preliminary information of the product/s on the SITE and has given the necessary confirmation in electronic environment on these issues.
4.2. The BUYER confirms the preliminary information electronically, before the conclusion of the distance contracts, the BUYER Consumer; address, the basic features of the ordered product/s, the Turkish lira price of the product/s including taxes, payment and delivery information are also correct and complete.
4.3. The prices listed and announced on the site are the sales price. . Advertised prices and promises are valid until they are updated and changed. Prices announced for a period of time are valid until the end of the specified period. However, the current price that will be notified to the customer is valid for price differences that are incorrectly written and not updated due to late notification of the supplier. In case of error, if more than the cost of goods/services has been withdrawn, the difference will be refunded. If the actual price of the goods/service is different from the advertised one, the buyer is notified of the actual price. In line with the customer's request, the sale is made over the real price or the sale is cancelled. The SELLER is not responsible for price errors caused by typesetting and system errors.

4.4. The SELLER is liable under any name or name, due to the fact that the ordered product cannot be delivered to the BUYER due to all kinds of problems encountered by the cargo company during the delivery of the product to the BUYER and / or for other reasons not caused by the SELLER. cannot be held. 4.7. The SELLER may fulfill its contractual obligations in case the delivery of the ordered product(s) becomes impossible, by informing the BUYER and obtaining its explicit approval before the expiry of its obligation.